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there must be some sort of reckoning at the end of it all, otherwise, what's the point?

10 December 2010


i have three jobs.  i own my own housekeeping business, i work as a tutor, and i work as a front desk clerk at a local hotel.  i often think i should consolidate and get a single full time gig.  my husband and i are barely making it and i have three boys to help provide for as well. but there is something inherently vulgar to me about becoming a cubicle slave.   been there before: in by 8, break at 10 & 3(complete wastes of time), and lunch at noon, office politics, who's your friend, who isn't - i hated every minute of it. the money was okay, but i still struggled to pay my bills. and i would come home each evening with the only goal of recuperating from the day's stress so i could survive the next.  i have declared it against my religion to work thusly.  even if i do have three jobs, in two of them i am making nearly twice what i would make at a desk job.  and i am working for myself.  i like my freedom, even if it means a meager existence.   there is also a bit of underground - ness about my wont to abstain from cubicles: that is i am exempt from the entire lifestyle that goes along with it. i am exempt from having to look 'just so'. i am exempt from the drama of having to survive in shark infested corporate waters.  i am exempt from having to fight all day against negativity and insecurity.  so then, even if my income is currently exempt from abundance, at least i am free and independent.  i am happy in this circumstance. less is more. be well, frankie

20 October 2010


that time of year again and i have to cram to read my california general election manual, all 121 pages of it. i am reminded that voting takes conscientious effort and education of oneself in order to so wisely.  yet therein lies the trouble...most of us do not take the time to read our stuff. we are too busy raising our families and watching our budget to tease out real truths and vote accordingly.  its too easy to watch tv, listen to the ads, hear the news feed us falsities and then make our decisions based on vague ideals. the result is a generation of elected officials who have micromanaged us into the ground and left us with an economic mess. let us be  diligent this election and educate ourselves, .....even if it means cramming, for we cannot afford to vote haphadzardly any longer.   be well, frankie

12 October 2010


Thanks for your curiosity in Frankspeak.  Slowly but surely I am building and adding to make this blog complete.  Love the challenge!!!  Your comments are appreciated as I do so.  In the meantime, here's a quote for you to ponder:
  "It is absolutely impossible to transcend the laws of nature. What can change
 in historically different circumstances is only the form in which these laws expose themselves."  K. Marx         Be well -  Frankie.