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there must be some sort of reckoning at the end of it all, otherwise, what's the point?

07 June 2012

i get a sick satisfaction out of....

.....writing words like christianity, god, islam, allah, pagan - changing the upper case to lower case in the first letter of each....keeps the playing field even i think.   peace kids!  frankie

06 June 2012

"We planned our meals meticulously for the week and shopped in multiple markets to find the best value at the lowest prices; a time consuming and difficult endeavor."

quoted from the following article written by food network's mario batali......socialism does have its place


04 June 2012

the importance of a middle class

i found this while researching for the book i am writing....excellent material and it underlines the role that socialism plays in a healthy country.  be well kids, frankie