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16 February 2011

on being gullable......

i was watching the telly the other night (i am cursed with bouts of insomnia) and was taken aback by a  commercial i watched. it wasn't the commercial itself that got to me as its content. the advert was from the 'fruit2day' bunch.  a woman dumps her purse out on her desk and finds a gunky banana amongst the precipitation of lipsticks and nail files.  i am eating such a banana now.  it is definitely ripe, has a couple of black spots on the outside, but its obviously days ahead of banishment to the freezer for banana bread. the 'fruit2day' guys made that banana seem completely inedible and offers the cubicle queen an option of a 'fruit2day' drink.  alas, all her problems are solved.  she gets her 2! whole servings of fruit and is in no way obliged to eat bananas with black spots.  there are 2topics of concern:  1.  what happens to the banana?  chances are it got thrown in the trash since i am willing to bet that few people still make homemade banana bread these days.  the problem:  a perfectly good piece of fruit goes to waste in exchange for something man processed. wasteful - an american cliche.  2. the bottle thing really irks me. while it is more convenient i suppose to drink my peach rather than have its juice run all over my arm, isn't that a great reason for a break from the cage anyway?   i know we can recycle the damn bottle, but what are the odds that we would?  according to the website of the container recycling institute (checked just now) only 1/3 of all beverage containers in america get recycled. consequently, our smart choice to drink processed fruit becomes a poor choice for mother earth.
my concern is that the 'fruit' people know that we will buy into their shallow advertising truth because they know that we won't think the thing through; we are therefore highly gullible to them.  are we okay with that?

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