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15 November 2011


i am a bit confused about the brouhaha going on with michael moore. it seems that some people aren't sure where he fits because of the obvious fact that he's part of the one percent yet he shows up to support the ninety-nine percent (?).  actually it makes perfect sense.  first there is the other obvious fact that michael moore earned his wealth through his craft whereas the one's we're protesting earned their wealth by breaking the law in a blatant show of greed (henry paulson, ben barnake, and timothy geithner for example). second, he's been a pioneer when it comes to speaking out about social injustices and so for him to see an organized protest against greed and government corruption might be a meaningful event for him. of course he would want to be there to show his support.  maybe we should simple say "thanks for the hangin' with us, how 'bout a beer summit at yer lake house?"

be well,  frankie

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