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18 June 2012

if....then: the real reason evolution is problematic for christians

if evolution is true then the creation story is not true, and if the creation story is not true, then there is no fall of man, if there is no fall of man, there is no need for redemption, if there is no need for redemption, then there is no need for christ and the whole of the religion falls down. problematic indeed.

but that's not the entire picture, another problem rears its ugly head: it the "fall of man/redeemer' framework is rendered impotent, then what?  then it falls to us individually to choose between the light and dark within us. we cannot blame some evil spirit or demons, we can only look to ourselves for how we will behave and speak. being on our own can be a frightening prospect for some.  it means we must grow up, it means we are accountable to ourselves. that indeed is a solemn burden to bear. 

are we without hope?  of course not. i'll let you in on a secret. in all of mankind's history, in all of our stories, from all cultures, to present time good always triumphs over evil. we don't know any other way to write the narrative.  we are good.  we choose right.

if we possess such a rich culture of good prevailing over evil, then the burden of individual accountability is lightened. we need only have faith.....in ourselves.  no problem.

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